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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I validate assessments that are purchased from Assessment Resources?

No doubt you are aware that all assessment resources must be validated. Assessment Resources provide customers with a comprehensive assessment validation too upon request. Simply make the request via email after you purchase your first unit of competency. The same tool may be used for each unit of competency.

If you would like to contribute to our ongoing assessment validation process or request a change to the resources, please let us know.

While an audit outcome cannot be guaranteed, Assessment Resources material has passed many ASQA audits and are utilised by dozens of RTOs throughout Australia.

Do the assessments cover each aspect of the unit of competency?

Yes. The assessment process is very detailed and comprehensive. The assessment design and methodology includes a variety of assessment methods. A detailed mapping document for each unit of competency is included.

How secure are my credit card details?

Assessment Resources carries SSL certification that includes 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption.

Can Assessment Resources be accessed from my Apple Ipad and my Android phone?

Yes. Assessment Resources is a website built on HTML5, the latest web technology and can be accessed by Apple iOS, Android, Microsoft. Indeed, any operating system and any mobile device.

How will I receive the material after I make the purchase?

You will receive an email with a Zip File attached. The assessment resources for the unit of competency you purchased will be in the Zip File in MS Word format.

Can I edit the material?

Yes. The material may be edited and customised to meet the needs of your RTO and your students. And reproduced as often as required within your RTO.

Is it possible to access Assessment Resources directly through my RTO

Yes. You can have a stand alone button on your website that will link directly to Assessment Resources. Discuss this idea with Richard Turner and he will arrange for our IT experts to prepare a quote.

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