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Assessment Tools and Resources
For RTOs

Have you had a situation where your assessment tools have passed an audit, perhaps at initial registration – only to be deemed non-compliant as little as 12 months later? Fuelled by frustration, we declare; “the auditors have shifted the goal posts again – they just keep making it harder”.

In reality the goal posts haven’t shifted at all. For any number of reasons RTOs have been audited against lesser scrutiny in the past and now face the stark reality that developing compliant assessment tools is a specialised skill.

The assessment methodology used in developing these resources will allow suitably qualified RTOs complete flexibility when developing an effective training program. Assessment Resources is the market leader in assessment design and has developed a suite of resources to support selected qualifications.

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    Our goal is to not only meet the demands of the VET sector but to surpass current standards and set the benchmark for the future.
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