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Certificate II in Security Operations Assessment Resources

CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations

Price List 2019



Our generous license agreement allows you to customise and update your material as required. Your new assessment resources are delivered via email in a matter minutes: MS Word, ready to add your logo, brand and contextualise to your RTO. The assessments resources for each unit of competency includes:
  • Underpinning Knowledge Assessment Questions
  • Underpinning Knowledge Assessment Marking Guide
  • Underpinning Knowledge Assessment Mapping
  • Case Scenario Assessment
  • Case Scenario Assessment Marking Guide
  • Case Scenario Assessment Mapping
  • Practical Assessment / Role Play / Scenario (method selected to suit unit of competency and clustered where possible)
  • Practical Assessment / Role Play / Scenario Marking Guide
  • Practical Assessment / Role Play / Scenario Mapping
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CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations Buy Now
CPPSEC2101 Apply effective communication skills to maintain security $395
CPPSEC2102 Apply legal and procedural regulations to work effectively within a security team $395
CPPSEC2103 Apply WHS, emergency response and evacuation procedures to maintain security $395
CPPSEC2104 Apply risk assessment to select and carry out response to security risk situations $395
CPPSEC2105 Provide quality services to a range of security clients $395
CPPSEC2106 Protect self and others using basic defensive techniques $395
CPPSEC2107 Patrol premises to monitor property and maintain security $395
CPPSEC2108 Screen people, personal effects and items to maintain security $395
CPPSEC2109 Monitor and control access and exit of persons and vehicles from premises $395
CPPSEC2110 Monitor and control individual and crowd behaviour to maintain security $395
CPPSEC2111 Apply security procedures to manage intoxicated persons $395
CPPSEC2112 Apply security procedures to remove persons from premises $395
CPPSEC2113 Escort and protect persons and valuables $395
HLTAID003 Provide first aid $295


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