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Security Operations in Australia


Security Operations in Australia. A Learner Resource to support CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations. This learning experience is supported by colour graphics, photos, diagrams and QR Codes that open to informative video clips to support the student's journey.

This unique Learner Resource is provided to you in MS Word. You may reproduce, contextualise or modify the book, as required. This includes adding your own logo and RTO name.

Place your oder online. You'll receive your Security Operations in Australia on a USB via Australia Post.



The role of providing a uniformed, proactive deterrent rests with the security sector. Street parades, concerts, sporting events, licensed venues and carnivals rely on crowd controllers and security officers to maintain order. Security officers provide access control, crowd control and patrolling services. Maintaining a keen eye on potential problems and applying pro-active skills to stop issues before they start. Security personnel are no longer the ‘left overs’, people who can’t get a ‘real’ job so they ‘give security a go’. The security sector offers a genuine career path for competent operators with specialisations like executive protection, cash in transit, investigations and risk management. Accredited training and licensing are an integral part of the modern security sector. Only a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) can train and assess the Nationally Recognised Training. Security Operations in Australia is designed to support RTOs, trainers and students.

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